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Below is reference for various project.

IoT Based project List

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1) IOT based Security System with Voice Message Using ESP8266
This is another interesting IOT project in which we will build a Security system which can trigger an E-mail when it detects someone. This project has blend in the power of ESP8266, PIR sensor and ISD1820 Voice module. At the end of this article you would have built a fully functional Security system which can be Armed/Disarmed (Activated/De-activated) remotely via internet. You can record your own audio clip which will be played when a movement is detected and also send a mail with Date and time to a particular E-mail ID stating the intrusion.
2) IOT based Heart Beat Monitoring over Internet using Arduino and ThingSpeak.
In this project we are going to make a Heart Beat Detection and Monitoring System using Arduino that will detect the heart beat using the Pulse Sensor and will show the readings in BPM (Beats Per Minute) on the LCD connected to it. It will also send the readings to ThingSpeak server using the Wi-Fi module ESP8266, so that Heart Beats can be monitored from anywhere in the world over the internet. ThingSpeak is a great source for displaying the data online and you can access the data from ThingSpeak at any time and at any place.
3) IOT based Air Pollution Monitoring System using Arduino
In this project we are going to make an IOT Based Air Pollution Monitoring System in which we will monitor the Air Quality over a webserver using internet and will trigger a alarm when the air quality goes down beyond a certain level, means when there are sufficient amount of harmful gases are present in the air like CO2, smoke, alcohol, benzene and NH3. It will show the air quality in PPM on the LCD and as well as on webpage so that we can monitor it very easily.
4) Live Temperature and Humidity Monitoring over Internet using Arduino and ThingSpeak
In this IoT project we are going to Monitor Humidity and Temperature over the internet using ThingSpeak where we will show the current Humidity & Temperature data over the Internet using the ThingSpeak server. It is accomplished by the data communications between Arduino, DHT11 Sensor Module, ESP8266 WIFI module and LCD. Celsius scale thermometer and percentage scale humidity meter displays the ambient temperature and humidity through a LCD display and also sends it to ThingSpeak server for live monitoring from anywhere in the world.
5) Android App-Based Home Automation System Using IOT
Control and monitor the home environment using Android app with advanced features such as voice command, scheduling, and home preparing itself.



Embedded Microcontroller Projects Ideas

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A) Home Automation System.

i) Secured Room Access System.
ii) GSM Based Home Automation.
iii) Fingerprint based security system.
iv) Bluetooth based home automation.
1) Density Based Traffic Signal System using Microcontroller.
2) Ultrasonic Radar Model Using Microcontroller ATmega128.
3) ATmega16A Based GPS Receiver.
4) Automatic Drip Irrigation System.
Conventional irrigation method wastes a lot of water, leading to a high cost of electricity to run the pump set for irrigation. Automation can help save water, electricity as well as human efforts. This can be achieved with the help of a single soil-moisture sensor and an AVR microcontroller. Here we present an automatic drip irrigation system that senses the moisture level of the soil and automatically switches the pump on when the power is ‘on.’
5) Cellphone-Based Device Control with Voice Acknowledgement.
6) Fire Extinguishing Robot.
7) Haptic technology based Pick & Place robot using accelerometer.
8) AVR Microcontroller based Temperature Monitoring and Control System.
9) Black box for car project.
Black box for bike/car project is used for vehicle tracking and accident monitoring. This project uses 128×64 Graphical LCD, GSM module, GPS module to track the vehicle and displays real time data on LCD also keeps log of the data. It is having VB6 Software to display log data.

B) Robotics Project

i) Human detection robot.
10) Real time Patient monitoring system using gsm module.
11) SMS Based Voting System – AVR GSM Project
12) Intelligent temperature monitoring and control system using avr microcontroller.
13) GSM Based Fire Alarm System.
14) RFID based security system using AVR ATmega32 microcontroller.


1) Smart Stick Using Arduino Uno: Aiding the Visually Impaired.
Obstacle detection is one of the major concerns for a fully or a partially blind person (e.g. person suffering from night-blindness, cataracts, glaucoma, albinism or injury). Presented here is a smart stick using Arduino Uno. The stick uses Ultrasonic sensors for obstacle detection. The main aim of this project is to detect nearby obstacle and notify the user of the direction of that obstacle, thereby enabling the user to determine the corrective direction to head.

2) Arduino Based GSM Home Security System.
This project is designed using normally-closed reed switches connected to doors and windows and additional passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors to detect movement of a burglar or an unwanted intruder in your home. The security system can dial up to two phone numbers to alert you. It can also send text message to one of the numbers.

3) Humidity And Temperature monitoring Using Arduino With The IoT
Using the Internet of Things (IoT) in homes and industries it is possible to control any electrical or electronic equipment. Moreover, you can get the information from any sensor and analyse it graphically or in any user-defined format from anywhere in the world. The IoT using Arduino microcontroller (MCU) is easy and fun for those who are new to the field. Presented here is a humidity and temperature monitoring using Arduino.
In this article, humidity and temperature information from DHT-11 sensor is analysed graphically on Thing Speak platform using Arduino MCU and ESP8266 Wi-Fi module. Block diagram of the whole setup is shown in Fig. 1.

4) Fingerprint Door Unlock System
This simple fingerprint door unlock project using Arduino can be very useful for door security, forensics, crime investigation, personal identification, attendance system and much more. In the future, there could be many more applications like fingerprint based driving licenses, bank accounts operation and so on.
The whole system works under a simple algorithm called matching algorithm, which is used to compare previously-stored templates of fingerprints against users’ fingerprints for authentication purposes.

5) Home Automation System Using a Simple Android App

6) Human Detector Projects

7) Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot

8) Fridge Temperature and Humidity Indicator

9) Arduino: Digital Soil Moisture Meter.

10) Arduino: Vehicle anti-theft system using GSM modem and vibration sensor.
The aim of this project is to demonstrate use of Vibration sensor to detect vehicle theft and also GSM module applications. This project has GSM technology and Vehicle anti-theft system with vehicle ignition controlling technique. Whenever car owner removes key from the ignition lock at that system is turned on. We have provided vibration sensor with this project, which is similar to piezoelectric sensor. When vibrations are detected, SMS is sent to the owner of the car. When car owner sends back sms to project then the engine is stopped. We can provide a Relay to turn odd engine.

11) IoT-Enabled Air Pollution Meter with Digital Dashboard on Smartphone.
Presented here is a IoT enabled air pollution meter to monitor air quality on your smartphone using Blynk application and Arduino board. Blynk is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform to control Arduino, Raspberry Pi and the like over the Internet. In this project Blynk provides a
digital dashboard on your smartphone that displays real-time air quality readings for the immediate surroundings.

IEEE Base Projects (2017)

1) A Real Time Street Lighting Control System.
2) Economic Feasibility of Solar Powered Street Lighting System.
3) Anti-theft Protection of Vehicle by GSM with Fingerprint Verification.
4) Design and Implementation of a Fingerprint Based Lock System for Shared Access.
5) A Real-Time Flood Alert System for Parking Lots.
6) Design and Implementation of a System Access Control by RFID.