IEEE Projects


Internet of Things is not something new and it’s been there in the industry for a long time. Like Airforce, Army, Navy, Space research etc.

Anything that touches consumer industry became a buzz word. So now Internet of Things is one among. What it is – the end goals is to bring all things we use in day to day life over network and can be accessed across the world over internet. That means every objects/gadgets we use in a day to day life will have a identify over network and its information can be consumes via Laptop, Tablet and mobile and including wearable like smart watches.

Why we should do it – the first and foremost thing is automation. In a typical day, we all have a 24 hours – 1/3 of time goes in bed, 1/3 of time goes in office/school and 1/3 third of time we have to spend for ourselves. How effectively are we spending this time will have a ripple effect on throughout the life?

Smart Home

You could automate stuff in home to make faster decision, communicate instantly, monitor the stuff which is most important – you can be more effective automating non-value added activities and spend more time where you want to focus (this is more of my personal productive advice when it comes to automating things). Home automation has a great potential for consumers market. Startups and Big companies joining together to take a leap forward

Smart Farm

Country like India, we lose lot of money due to lack predictive systems in agriculture fields (excluding natural distastes). In today’s environment we also lack the employee’s engagement for agriculture fields. IoT has a great potential for smart farming – no matter where you located but you can still control things on field.