Robotics Basic and Intermediate


(Age_12-18 year)



Elementary Level- Basic (10-15 Days)

This course is provide to learn basic of robotics, electronics. Hands on experience with electronics component & small level circuit designing. Also they can learn PCB designing techniques.

  • Introduction of robotics
  • Basic of Electronics & component
  • Introduction of PCB
  • Soldering/ De-soldering the component
  • Simple circuit designing
  • Obstacle avoider robot concepts & Assembly
  • Line following robot concepts & Assembly.

Intermediate Level (15-20 days)

This course provide basic of electronics & properties of components. Introduce about application of components. Designing of basic circuit in simulator. Introduction about Arduino microcontroller board. Interfacing sensors with Arduino microcontroller.

  • Introduction of Advance robotics
  • Familiar with Motors & motors types, gears, batteries, switches.
  • How does Electricity flow?
  • Making small circuits.
  • Measuring current voltage.
  • How to robot work with logic.
  • Introduce about Arduino Microcontroller Board.
  • Learn small programming concepts of Arduino.
  • Design program on Arduino for small sensors.
  • Programming & interfacing with motors in Arduino.
  • PCD Designing.
  • Learn to component mounting & soldering on PCB.
  • Designing & Assembly of Line Following robot(Arduino)
  • Designing & Assembly of Obstacle Avoiding robot.(Arduino).