I-Tech System develop the easiest pathology Reporting Software for Diagnostic Laboratories developed by I-Tech System. It gives high quality report printing and provides efficient management of lab records. This program is user friendly, it is menu and popup based software, i.e. you don’t have to remember codes for tests and doctor names. Just select the test or doctor’s name from the list.

Most comprehensive database of tests given with its normal range for male and female separately.

Abnormal findings appear in bold characters or with flag.

Interpretation with special tests are given. Reporting time is minimized.

This program is so easy that even your lab staff can operate the software on computer after a training given by us.

All reports are stored for future reference and can be accessed very easily anytime.

Patient wise accounting is integrated with reporting.

No need for additional effort for accounting.

Doctor wise case details and accounting.

Dues record management.

Typing mistakes are minimized through various checks in our software. Examples,

Uniform reports and no need to adjust the words each time.

You can customize the program as and when required. Such as, you can add new tests, doctor etc. or you can modify normal range, interpretation, test charge etc.

Finding entry of Culture reports was never so easy and fast.