OPD management was never so easy before using OPD Mananagement Software by I-Tech System. Forget about writing prescription and maintaining patient data manually. This software take care of all your need for OPD management. This OPD Management Software has many features as mention below. Also it can be slightly customize according to your need.

OPD Management System From I-TECH System

  1. Data of Patient like Name, Reg. No., Gender, Age, Weight, Pulse, B.P. etc. can be store
  2. Information for patients like Complaint, History, Clinical Details, OPD Procedure, Investigation, Dignosis, Allergy etc. can be pickup
  3. Prescription from Pre defined templates and modifies them as per our requirement.
  4. Prescription in English and Marathi.
  5. Next Visit Date from Prescription.
  6. Advise and Suggestion.
  7. Attach other Reports.
  8. Store informative images and videos for demo.
  9. Fees Details.
  10. Disease Notes in English and Marathi.
  11. Thanking Letters and Referring Letter with templates.
  12. Medical Certificate and Fitness Certificate.
  13. Can Store patient Photo.
  14. Store all data of patient from first consultation.