Android Application Development is one of the best option in I.T. for career development. Most industries and businesses need android apps for their one or other need. Many organization need Android App Developer and work with them for different projects. I-Tech System provide Android App Development training with proper guidance and individual attention. Some of key features of course are as below.

  • Core Java
  • Basic of Androids
    1. History of Android
    2. Architecture of Android
    3. SDK Overview
    4. Your First Program
    5. SDK Building Blocks
    6. Android UI
    7. Advanced UI
    8. Multimedia in Android
    9. Basic Content Provider
  • Advanced Android
    1. Costume Content Providers
    2.  Location based services and Google Maps
    3.  Services
    4. Broadcast Receivers
    5. Intent Filters
    6. Sensors
    7. Wi-Fi
    8. Telephony
    9. Bluetooth
    10. Camera
    11. XML parsing