I-Tech System provide Robotics classes in Nashik. Join for Robotics course from basic to intermediate level at our institute.

The robotics course  is provide to learn basic of robotics, electronics. Hands on experience with electronics component & small level circuit designing. Also they can learn PCB designing techniques.

This course provide basic of electronics & properties of components. Introduce about application of components. Designing of basic circuit in simulator. Introduction about Arduino microcontroller board. Interfacing sensors with Arduino microcontroller.

Basic Robotics

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Mechanics & Assembly
  • Gears and Gear Trains
  • Fundamentals of Electrical and
  • Electronic Circuit
  • Bread-boarding techniques
  • Circuit building and simulation
  • Use of semiconductors like
  • Diodes, Resistor, Capacitor , IC’s
  • etc.
  • Learn to use sensors
  • Sensor based robots
  • Soldering and GPB making
  • Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Technology
  • Wireless Robots

Advance Robotics Course with Arduino

This course gives us in depth knowledge of Robotics and useful for making different types of Robotic projects. I-Tech Robotics Classes provide practical and theoretical training in Advance Robotics. Following are important features of the course.

Introduction to Arduino / Microcontroller
Basics of Programming Language used in Robotics
Gears and Gear Trains
Interfacing of various components & Sensors with Arduino
Make Arduino based projects
Learn to make different types of Robots based on various sensors
Learn advanced coding techniques
Learn Online Software to design circuits
Learn to Make Bluetooth Controlled Robot, Light Follower
Robot, Sound Controlled Robot, Robots using Ultrasonic Sensors