You can learn Front End Development course in Nashik at I-Tech System. Front End Development is a trending job in IT companies. Front End Development is having high demand in the world of web development, as most of the websites and web application needs to be more and more interactive and dynamic. Front End Developers with proficiency in use of HTML,CSS and Javascript are always a critical resource for any IT companies.

I-Tech System professionally design course for Front End Development considering high demand from Web Development Company. This course is designed taking all points as per need of IT companies. Our students of Front End Development get placed in Multinational IT companies with good salary packages.

Front End Development Course Content

Web Page using HTML

  • HTML Basics
  • HTML Editor
  • Working with HTML 5
  • Element and Attributes
  • Style and Formatting
  • List and Tables
  • Classes and ID
  • images and videos
  • Responsive Website
  • Form and Form Elements

Styling with CSS

  • Defining block with ID and Class
  • Color and Background
  • Borders and Outline
  • Margin and Padding
  • Font, icon, list and link
  • CSS Table
  • Float, Position and Overflow
  • Navigation bar and Dropdown Menu
  • Working with images
  • Advance CSS
  • Responsive CSS
  • Website Layout using CSS

JavaScript and JQuery